Mama & Me - Milk Bath Soak

Mama & Me - Milk Bath Soak

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Specifically designed to help promote skin restoration & health in growing bellies and stretching skin. Each ingredient has been selected based on their therapeutic effects.


Epsom salt, milk powder, pink clay, pink Himalayan salt, Colloidal oatmeal, Dried calendula, Jojba & Avocado oil + Mandarin & Geranium essential oils

200ml Glass Bottle

PLEASE NOTE: Contains essential oils that are not advised for use in first trimester.


Mama + Me products are specifically designed in small artisan batches using only the highest quality natural ingredients. Our Pregnancy and postpartum collection has been curated to give pregnant mama's the benefit of botanical treatments and self care. The use of essential oils during pregnancy, labour and postpartum are on the rise and are commonly being used by mothers without full knowledge on their potency & potential dangers if not used or diluted in the correct way. This is why we have put together a small collection of gentle products that are ready made so the dilution process is already taken care of. The collection is also perfect for gifting. Often baby shower gifts are full of baby clothes, bibs and treats, but the Motherto-be often misses out. Pregnancy is not a walk in the park and with the changes in hormones and day to day life... Not to mention labour and postpartum recovery we think it is essential that Mothers get treated just as much as

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