Water Hoops - Solid - Gold Plated - Pilgrim

Water Hoops - Solid - Gold Plated - Pilgrim

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Pilgrim Jewellery is Simply Stunning!!!

Handmade - Designed in Denmark - Made in a base of either brass or zinc - plated with real gold or silver - Coated & surface treated to prevent rapid oxidation - Made with high quality crystal stones, beads and pearls - Hand painted with cold enamel - Free from lead & nickel -Inspected and tested by Pilgrim team of quality inspectors 

  • Gold-plated statement earrings with stunning round pendants
  • Elegant earrings that exude feminine power and a sure sense of style
  • Earrings measure 6.5 cm in length
  • Slender hoops featuring large, polished amulets with an undulating texture

Amazing gold-plated earrings featuring pendants with large, round, polished surfaces. The undulating surfaces reflect the sunlight in an exuberant interaction. A design inspired by the waves of the infinite Pacific Ocean, reflecting the warm sunlight of California. A distinctive and alluring pair of earrings that radiate dynamism, joy and harmony.

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